Frequently Asked Questions

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  • BigMama VPN uses the state-of-the-art Wireguard ® VPN protocol, which is safer, but also faster and more lightweight than the old protocols such as OpenVPN.

    We also take utmost care to use the latest versions of all the security-related components in our tech stack to ensure the security of your connection.

  • The Wireguard ® protocol, on which BigMama VPN is based, has a very fast handshake compared to the older protocols, and transfers your data way faster with much less traffic overhead. This is normal - enjoy!

  • BigMama VPN will wait for your Internet connection (either cellular or WiFi) to go back online, and will reconnect you back.

  • With BigMama VPN you access any Internet resources, such as web sites, video streaming apps, games etc. Note that while BigMama VPN never snoops your traffic, your local laws still apply.

  • Yes, BigMama VPN for Android™ is fully free and contains no ads.

  • The devices of our free VPN customers are used to create a secure peer-to-peer network that our commercial clients can use to securely route their traffic via various global endpoints. As a free client, you will likely not notice any impact on your resources as that happens. The data transferred in the background will be metered by your mobile operator according to your data plan.

  • We never snoop or log any data that passes via the BigMama VPN network.